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Bets KeenKelly Armstrong
Bets Keen, Owner
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While my business career had been as vice president of Keen Transport, everyone knew that my real love was dog training. I have loved and trained golden retrievers for 35 years. Throughout that time I have been fortunate to attend many dog camps, seminars and classes in many venues and to work with great instructors who have taught me not only how to train my dogs but to listen and learn from my dogs.

Each special dog in my life has taught me so much and they have taken me to the highest levels achievable in AKC (American Kennel Club) events: Breeding and owner handling them to their Breed Championships (CH), training and competing with them to their Agility Championships (MACH) and Obedience Championships (OTCH), and obtaining Senior Hunter (SH) and Tracking (TD) titles.

I love to help people learn more about their dogs, to find that special bond that comes from training and learning together.

I love doing therapy work and was thrilled when my heart dog Story was honored by the GRCA (Golden Retriever Club of America) for her work as a therapy dog. Now I continue Story’s work with Ribbon, my one-year-old puppy, who is a certified CGC and TDI dog. Together we’ve been visiting nursing homes and hospitals.

Along with Ribbon, I share my life with my golden retriever True. I am thankful everyday for having True and Ribbon in my life.

I feel so fortunate to have known FDTC’s founder Mary Kutulakis since she started Fieldwood. I am honored to now carry on her work and am delighted that Fieldwood’s highly-respected instructors are continuing their work here at Fieldwood.

Kelly Armstrong, Training Director
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I have been training dogs for over 25 years and had my own dog training business on Maryland’s Eastern Shore for 10 years.

My previous jobs include:

  • Water quality lab supervisor for the National Aquarium in Baltimore
  • Trainer at a boarding kennel in Maryland where I developed and ran their training program
  • Director of the Queen Anne’s County Animal Adoption and Control

I’ve also been an agility instructor at Camp Gone to the Dogs in Vermont, a week long camp for people and their dogs, for the last 13 years.

My current dogs are Golden Retrievers Dibs and Driver. Dibs is working on completing his MACH (AKC’s highest agility title) and his OTCH (AKC’s highest obedience title). I have competed in obedience, field trials, agility, rally, tracking, hunt tests, freestyle and conformation.

One of my proudest moments was winning the 20″ Preferred Class at the 2011 AKC National Agility Championships with my then 11-year-old Golden Retriever Devon.

While I love to compete with my dogs, I feel the most important aspect in training is to have a strong relationship and bond. My goals in training my dogs and helping you to train yours are to cultivate and nuture that bond.

Mary KutulakisMegan Lloyd-Thompson
Mary Kutulakis, FDTC Founder
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FDTC’s founder Mary Kutulakis started Fieldwood Dog Training Center. Currently, Bets Keen is now carrying on her work and is delighted that Fieldwood’s highly-respected instructors are continuing their work here at Fieldwood.
Megan Lloyd Thompson, Instructor
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I’m excited to be a new instructor at Fieldwood although I am not “new” to Fieldwood itself having known Mary since we both started training dogs way back in 1987. She was training a Schipperke and I was training my first Belgian Sheepdog. Schipperkes may look like miniature Belgians but they have very different ideas about working with people so Mary and I had many a fine laugh as we worked our way through novice obedience!

Since those early days I have worked my Belgian Sheepdogs in many different venues: competitive obedience, breed ring showing, herding, agility, tracking, a little “scootering”, and now nose-work/scent-work. I have found tracking and nose-work to be the most fun for us.

Both tracking and nose-work/scent-work utilize a dog’s natural ability to smell things. Both require the trainer to motivate and communicate well with their dog. But, more exciting to me, both require the trainer to pay close attention to what the dog is communicating back to the trainer. You really have to read your dog to succeed in tracking and scent-work! This focus on reading every subtle change in my dog’s behavior is fascinating to me….as well as watching the changes in behavior of my students’ dogs. Outside of a good book there isn’t anything more fun to read than a dog!

Tracking is a great outdoor sport for those who like to hike through fields and woods. Nose-work/scent-work is a great “any place” sport that can be done in your living room, your backyard, a parking lot, office building, anywhere you can take a dog! If it’s raining and you don’t feel like going out, no problem. Practice in the kitchen. Is it a glorious fall day? Great. Go outside and have your dog find the hidden scent on your car bumper or under a rock! It’s all positive, all fun, and can be done by dogs of any age and any physical ability (older dogs, deaf dogs, blind dogs, ANY dog) . . . and by handlers of any age and physical ability.

So, come and join us for “smelly fun”!

Noelle WeeksJen Gillis
Noelle Weeks, Instructor
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I have been actively involved in dog training for the last 15 years. I started out being interested in just training a family dog to be a good pet and then I quickly learned that there is a world of various dog competition sports to learn new skills with my dogs. I quickly moved into Agility, Rally and obedience training. I then discovered the fun of watching dog’s use their nature sense of smell! I taught my dogs how to track for fun and I started to play with Scent Detection work with my dogs. I have found great joy in building a partnership with my dogs through Freestyle Obedience. Most recently, I have discovered a new sport called Rally Freestyle Elements that combines Rally Obedience and Freestyle; another chance to have more fun with my dogs. I have also had fun with my dogs doing Dock Diving and even taught my Yorkie to swim!

I have been lucky enough to learn my skills from some of the best instructors in the area over the years. I have competed in various sports and done well with my past and present dogs. But no matter what activity we were involved with, having fun with my dog has always been, and will always be, my biggest passion! My goal is to help nurture the bond we all have with our dogs and present skills for handlers and dogs to learn to help increase the fun we can have together as a team.

I am an active member of Dog Scouts of America, an organization that promotes positive training and responsible pet ownership including mental stimulation for your pets. I love spending time with my dogs. I presently have a mixed breed dog who has been retired to be a couch potato, a Yorkshire Terrier, a Labrador Retriever that I share with my husband, and a Golden Retriever.

Jen Gillis, Instructor
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I have worked with animals since 1993, studying wildlife behavior and conducting ecological studies of birds and mammals. Pursuing my other main interest, I became a veterinary assistant and have worked in several clinics over the past years. I am currently working as a vet assistant in addition to training dogs.

Over the years, noticing timid or reactive dogs at vet clinics, I became interested in dog training to help alleviate undesirable behavior and help both the dog and owner enjoy their relationship. Completing a certificate in Canine Training and Behavior, I was lucky to work at Fieldwood, learn more valuable skills from Kelly Armstrong, and eventually begin teaching my own classes.

Although I am still very interested in improving “problem behaviors”, I also enjoy instructing students to work and bond with their dog, and to improve their puppy’s future through socialization in group settings.

I presently have a terrier/border collie named Pip and a whippet/beagle named Smooch. Very different from my late border collie mix and Australian shepherd mix, they’ve been a great learning experience for me!

Johanna LonskiDeb Mickey
Johanna Lonski, Instructor
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Profile coming soon.
Deb Mickey, Instructor
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“I want a dog.” I can’t remember much of my early childhood, but I do remember I always wanted a dog. Just before my 6th birthday I finally got one, a cocker mix I named Cindy. Cindy lived to be 18 years old and started my life-long love affair with spaniels. Cindy taught me a great deal about dogs, what they think and want, and how to turn a “drop the leash and I’m outta here” dog into a dog that could be safely walked anywhere off leash.

The late 1970’s brought Katie, an English Springer Spaniel, into my life and together we learned about the world of competitive obedience and tracking. In the early 1980’s I taught my first classes geared for pet owners. Jessie, another springer followed and together we added the adventures of agility and AKC hunt tests. In the 1990’s Nifty, a 15-year-old rescue springer, joined the family and then came Oscar. Border collies Willie and Jill joined the gang and together we journeyed into the new venture of sheepdog trialing. Time has taken these dogs from my life but they forever live in my heart.

Throughout the years I added to my canine education by attending seminars, clinics, camps, taking private and group instruction from top instructors, and reading just about everything I can get my hands on concerning canine behavior and training. The quest to understanding our canine companions is a never ending fascinating journey and I’ve loved every step. Each dog in my life has given me more insight on canine behavior and the dogs and students who come through my classes continue to teach me.

Currently I share my life with kitty Peck and three border collies, Annie, Cait, and Nell. I’ve always been fascinated by what dogs could learn and believe versatility training creates a well rounded companion. With that in mind, my dogs and I have enjoyed and competed in competitive obedience, tracking, agility, flyball, AKC hunt tests for the spaniels, sheepdog trials for the border collies, and dabbled with Rally-O, Freestyle, and Rally FrEe.

I believe training increases the bond, cooperation and respect between dog and human. My goal is for my students to come away from my classes with a better understanding and regard for their dogs and for the dogs to come away with the training that ensures them a lifetime of love and companionship. Come join us at Fieldwood for a wonderful journey with your dog!

Susan StottCindy Reitz
Susan Stott, Instructor
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I currently have a pack of five: Zema (Doberman mix), Dusty (Shepard mix), Toni (pit bull), Fuji (pit bull) and Addie (pit bull). There are typically a few pit bull foster dogs around the house as well.

I love all dogs, but you can see that I have a special interest in pit bulls. They are good dogs and training makes them great!

I particularly enjoy canine sports: agility, freestyle and Rally-O. With athletic and energetic dogs, the more exercise the better! With canine sports, my dogs and I have learned to function as a team.

Fieldwood is a professional facility and has top notch instructors. They have supported me through all my dog issues and welcomed the breeds that others may ban. Bring us your dog (of any breed or no particular breed at all) and we will help you make them great.

Cindy Reitz, Instructor
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For as long as I can remember, animals have been part of my life. While growing up we had all kinds of ‘critters’: reptiles, rodents, a skunk, a raccoon, fish, birds, horses & ponies, rabbits, cats and, of course, dogs. I never understood why my parents cringed every time I drug another one home saying, “He followed me. Can we keep him?” It’s far more likely that I coaxed the poor animal the whole way!

My first dog as an adult was an adolescent German Shepherd that my husband and I inherited. We made it through house breaking, but fell short when it came to destructive chewing. ‘Jake’ began nibbling the small things, magazines & books. We puppy-proofed as much as possible, but he kept finding new things to entertain himself while we were at work. We knew we needed help when we came home one day and found our sofa strewn across the living room floor in a million pieces.
And so began a long and fascinating journey into the world of dogs and dog training.

I have always loved behavior and got a lot of practice while working with children and adolescents in a residential treatment facility. Carrying this over to dogs felt quite natural, and I found I really enjoyed this ‘training game’. With every dog I worked with, I learned. The more I learned, the more I wanted to know. After 20 years of working with dogs and their people, I have learned many things, but there is a still so much more yet to learn. Reading books and attending seminars helps me stay up-to-date with the latest research and techniques.

I was the first instructor to work with Mary at Fieldwood and found that I really love teaching. It’s great watching the relationship grow between our students and their four-footed friends. We work with many wonderful people, and help keep dogs in homes and out of shelters.

My goal is to help people understand dogs and their behavior, and assist them in learning to communicate more effectively with their dogs. I like to teach all-around good manners so that these furry family members are a joy to live with. The more control you have with your dog, the more experiences you will be able to share and the richer your lives will be.

In addition to instructing classes, I enjoy seeing families privately for specific behavior issues. I also developed a program called ‘Canine Smart Kids’ which I present to elementary students to help them learn how to be safe around strange dogs.